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How long have you been developing websites?

I have a degree in internet design which I started in 2017 and graduated in 2021, but I have been creating websites professionally since 2020.

Are prices negotiable?

The prices I have set are based on what works best for me and what I am comfortbale to settle with but if there is a case of wanting just a landing page being built or can’t meet the price set then I will glady set up a call to see what suits best for your needs.

What's the price of the project based on?

The cost of the project will all be based on how much content is needed for the project, if there is content provided then it will be cheaper to develop compared to hiring out a content writer specialist. 

The project could require a booking system which requires certain software which can be quite cost effective.

Do you hire out specialists or just work as a solo freelancer?

As mentioned in the last question, if there was a case to provide the writing content then I will reach out to a good freind of mine which is a specialist in this field.

All the web design & development I have purely been doing it solo but depedning on the project it could require more than just me to provide the UI interface.

I am also doing SEO services which I do some myself but also I can reach out to some SEO specialists who live locally to me.